Health Benefit Resources, Inc works with leaders in the industry.

We help Employer GroupsSchool Districts, and Other markets establish their own on-site health and wellness centers.

The current healthcare system is broken and if we continue down the same path — Both employers and employees will be "the losers". We are looking for employers that are sick of paying large premiums and still cutting corners to make it affordable for themselves and their employees.


  • Leading provider of property & casualty insurance within our specialty industries
  • Over three (3) decades of experience within our specialty industries
  • A dedicated focus and commitment to our specialty, niche markets…we are not generalists.
  • Can help you meet the specific insurance needs of your most challenging, hard-to-place risks

Working with one of the nationwide leaders in direct primary care means that we can help employers of any size establish their site. We are early adopters with a proven track record in healthcare.

We require no commitments to learn more about how we can help your business save money. Contact us today.

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