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  • The Healthcare System is Broken

    Incremental fixes to the current healthcare system haven’t worked — The solution is that employers need to take a different approach to their healthcare ” problems. Health Benefit Resources, Inc. works with established partners to make this process as smooth as possible.

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  • Working During a Pandemic

    COVID-19: In these uncertain times, businesses, hospitals, and employees are all concerned about returning to work amid a pandemic. Here are some tips to share with employers and employees alike.

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    HBR Healthcare and our partners help employers sponsor an onsite health and wellness solution which gives employees access to no cost or free primary care.

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    By increasing employee’s health. Healthcare costs go down. 

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  • On-site Health & Wellness Centers

    Contact us today to learn about establishing your own On-site Health & Wellness Center.

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We Help Employers Provide Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

Our partner(s) are national on-site, near-site, and virtual primary care providers on a mission to fix America's broken healthcare delivery model. We share their vision and help employers of any size evolve for the future.

For Employers

Our solutions provide small to medium-sized employers a new approach to healthcare. Reduce your healthcare spend, provide sustainable care, and make employees healthier. 

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Agents & Brokers

Current and future clients: explore our full range of services and stay informed on industry trends and best practices.

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For Employees

Current and future clients: explore our full range of services and stay informed on industry trends and best practices.

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Employees deserve to be happier, more productive, and healthier.

Your Employees Called — They Want Better Primary Care

Onsite health and wellness used to be benefit only the largest organizations could afford. Not anymore. HBR will help navigate the steps to launching your onsite facility today.

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Testimonials — Our Results

I’ve worked closely with George Duczak for many years as his financial advisor. I’ve seen his ventures turn concepts into solutions that address the financial challenges of employer benefits. He has always been passionate about finding solutions to problems in this space. His new Direct Primary Care Initiative offers a pragmatic and logical vision for making health care affordable while improving the well-being of employees and their families.
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Employers and employees both need a sustainable solution for health benefits.

Partner With HBR

We partner with trusted organizations to make onsite health and wellness a viable option for virtually any organization.

Our driven producers, advisors and TPAs are all crucial in helping us mold a better health benefits model. Want to join us?

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