• “Over the past few years I have had both the pleasure and opportunity to get to know and work with George Duczak. George is a man of great business intuition, integrity and ethics. George always puts his client and partner relationships first. I consider George to be a visionary in regard to the healthcare industry, leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge. He has been able to successfully create, design, implement and navigate the ever changing, tumultuous environment to best serve his clients. George’s commitment and focus on relationships has served him well throughout the years. I would highly recommend him.”

    Jared Smith
  • “I’ve worked closely with George Duczak for many years as his financial advisor. I’ve seen his ventures turn concepts into solutions that address the financial challenges of employer benefits. He has always been passionate about finding solutions to problems in this space. His new Direct Primary Care Initiative offers a pragmatic and logical vision for making health care affordable while improving the well-being of employees and their families.”

    Bob Westrick
    CPA, CFP®, MBA
  • “For the past 20 plus years, I have counted George among the most creative and forward thinking persons in the insurance industry. His passion for cost effective solutions to health care for employers and participants drives him to solutions that help people.”

    Brian Robertson
    Executive Vice President
    Fringe Benefit Group
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with George on several occasions through the National Association of Health Underwriters. He is the consummate professional and has fantastic leadership skills. In addition to my Association work with George, I have also heard him speak passionately about the Community Care Partnership Program. George is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and I believe that these programs will take off in popularity.”

    Michael Deagle
    Managing Partner-BenAxis, NAHU Region III Vice President
  • “Activate Healthcare is proud to be a partner in Health Benefit Resources’ “Community Care Partnership.” Health Benefit Resources has a long and proven track record of success in providing innovative health care solutions to employers. George Duczak, the transformative leader of the organization, is an industry visionary. His ability to recognize trends and develop strategies to protect the financial interests of employers and employees makes him a trusted and valued advisor. Long before Bezos, Buffett and Dimon were making headlines with their plan to improve health care quality and reduce its cost; George Duczak was doing it for hundreds of organizations across the country.”

    Michael White
    ACTIVATE Healthcare
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