Our Vision Health Benefit Resources, Inc.

Health Benefit Resources, Inc. (HBR) feels that many employer-based group medical programs have become dysfunctional and are not serving the needs of either the employees or their families.

In the last 10 years, group medical rates have again doubled; this clearly is not a sustainable cost to employers! This number is misleading in that it includes a dramatic shift of costs onto employees through the forms of very high deductibles, multi-level copays and never-ending increases in employee required contributions for not only themselves but most particularly for their spouses and families.

These high deductibles have proven to be a barrier to good health. They create an obstacle and are a financial disincentive for the use of preventive care services. As a consequence, catastrophic claims rose by over 68% last year alone!

Our Mission Is Compelling – On-Site Clinics Are the Fastest Growing Health Initiative
We will work with an individual employer or group of employers banding together within a community to establish an on-site Primary Health and Wellness Center for all of their employees and their families. They will have access to the clinic’s Health Improvement and Primary Care Services, inclusive of a full-staff of doctors and clinicians predicated on the size of the participating group. Employees and families will access these services at NO cost to them and most generic drugs are provided free of charge, as well.

The clinics have not only been able to significantly improve the health of the client’s employees, but at the same time, reduce the overall costs to the employer by typically over 20% annually. The partnering organization we work with is currently operating 48 such centers throughout the U.S., 2 of which are in Illinois, and growing rapidly.

Standing behind the Primary Health Care Plan is a Comprehensive Lower Deductible Major Medical Plan for access to specialists, imaging services, therapies and hospitalization costs. Our participating Third Party Administrators are highly experienced in the integration of Primary Care plus these other additional levels of Major Medical Coverage.

Our administrators provide a turnkey, one-stop source of enrollment, service and data mining. We particularly focus on challenging the established charge basis made by the medical community in general. Depending on the organization or group’s financial situation, we can provide a range of pre-negotiated contracting options from aggressive or hybrid local contracting to increase savings to employers. Such an integrated approach is critical in order to maintain an employer’s financial ability to continue to provide employer-sponsored health insurance.

Establishing and building out a clinic can be expensive. HBR can also provide various funding mechanisms for the initial build outs. Access to the clinics is paid for through a highly affordable Per Member Per Month capitation fee paid by the employers.

Please note that the participating employers are not in a common risk pool. Every employer is rated individually on their circumstances and health care characteristics and most typically are moved to a modified or partially self-funded and level funded insurance program. Savings from the program under this are directly returned back to the individual employers, based on their individual experience.

We are seeking partner relationships with organizations that are providing health and wellness services, benefit consulting or Third Party Administrators. If you are interested, please contact maureen@www.healthbenefitresources.com or call us directly at (847) 426-5800.

Target Prospects

  • Public Sectors – Schools – Municipalities – Governmental – Unions
  • Trade Associations – Manufacturing – Construction
  • Business Development
  • Ethic Community Business Groups

Health Benefit Resources, Inc. is a new marketing entity created by George V. Duczak, founder and past owner of The American Worker Plans, which serves many of America’s large employers. George is also the current Past-President of the Illinois State Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).