Chicago Area Launch of the Community Care Partnership On-Site Primary Care & Wellness Centers

Debra Geihsler, Founder and CEO of Activate Healthcare Systems was the featured speaker at the April 24th introduction of this important initiative for Chicago area employers.

On-Site or Near-Site Primary Care Centers are the fastest growing initiative among large corporations in the United States.  These Centers have documented results in being able to immediately enhance the benefits available to employees and their families, while at the same time, provides significant improvement to health through No Barrier No Cost access to Primary Care Services.

The Community Care Partnership is unique in that it permits smaller employers with as few as 10 employees, to share the services of local clinics, which will be built out throughout the Chicago area, as participation grows.

In attendance were a select group of local benefit agencies who are joining this initiative as Marketing Partners.  These highly regarded local benefit agencies understand the need for a dramatic and dynamic disruption of the employer health care and delivery system, in order to be able to sustain Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage in the future.

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